Transitioning to Paying per Applicant: the FAQ

Why are you getting rid of $99 postings?

To ensure the quality of your experience, we will soon switch to a pay-per-applicant system, where you will only pay a small amount for each application you receive. This way, we only make money when you get results. This takes the risk out of posting on Looksharp, because you'll never pay for an unsuccessful listing.

When are you getting rid of $99 postings exactly?

We’re still working on a specific date, but we will be getting rid of $99 postings sometime in August. We’ll let you know via email as soon as we have a date.

What happens to my free posting credits on September 1?

- Free postings expire on September 1, and you will not be able to post any additional positions for free.

I only have entry-level job credits left, but I really only need to hire interns. Can I use swap credits?

- Unfortunately, posting credits are non-transferrable.

I don’t need to hire anyone until AFTER September, can I use the posting credit then?

- Unfortunately not, which is why we're giving you a month's notice to take advantage of your credits before they expire.

What if I use up my credits before September 1st and I want to publish another posting?

- If you haven't heard from us yet, you can still pay $99 to get a 30-day posting.

- If you have heard from us announcing the launch of paying per applicant, then you’ll pay a small fee per application (don't worry, you can expect another email from us on how much it'll be and how it'll work)

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