New Billing System

Looksharp is moving to a cost-per-application system!

What does this mean?

Posting an internship or entry-level job on its own will cost you nothing at all. You only pay per application that you receive, starting at $5 per application.

This way, you'll never pay for a posting that gets no applications. You only get 5 applications? You only pay $25.

But what if I get too many applications?

You can set a budget for a posting when you create it, so you don't have to monitor your postings to ensure they don't cost you too much.

Don't want to pay more than $100? You can set your budget so you only pay $100.

You'll be able to do this directly from the creation page, right underneath where you define how you want to receive applications:


But I only want to pay for the right applications.

We know, and we're working on this, too. You'll soon be able to set criteria for your postings, so only the people you deem qualified can apply!

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