Event Pre-Registration

What is pre-registration and why should I care?
Pre-registration allows you to start spreading the word that you'll be on campus and collect student information before the your event starts. 
If you use a career center, Looksharp, or any other means of advertising that you'll be on campus, you can include a link to the pre-registration form for students to fill out their information before they come meet you on campus. Any students who fill out the pre-registration form will appear instantly in your CRM so that you can screen potential candidates ahead of time and perhaps even set aside time for a quick interview with some candidates while you're on their campus.
The unique pre-registration link for each event will be something short like look.sh/12345. 
What do you mean by 'student entry mode'?
When we say "student entry mode" we're referring to your ability to use the pre-registration feature during the on-campus event (not just before).
If you've ever had a long line at your booth at a career fair, then student entry mode might be a great fit for you. Students waiting in line to speak with you can get a jump on filling out their information for you by going to your pre-registration url on their own device.
For each event, we've created an event sheet for you that you can print. It has directions for students to either go to your short url for that event or scan a QR code that will take them to that url. We've designed these sheets to be printed as 4x6 cards so that you can simply walk down the line and hand one to each student or group of students.
How do I use it?
First, you'll need to go your events list at www.looksharp.com/organization/events. If you don't have any upcoming events, you'll need to create one. If you do have events, you should already see a column in the table that has a short url that will link to the pre-registration form for that event. In that same table cell, you'll see a 'Print Event Sheet' link that will allow you to print out a sheet for that event if you plan on using student-entry mode.
Events List:
Inline image 5
Event Sheet:
Inline image 6
You can distribute the pre-registration url however you'd like. When students visit it, they'll see a page specific for that event with your branding on it and the usual fields for them to fill out (name, email, school, major, grad year, and resume).
After they complete the pre-registration form, they'll see a message that replaces the form that says "Thank you for pre-registering for this event. We look forward to meeting you in person!".
As soon as a student as completed the pre-registration form, they'll appear in your CRM.
Pre-registration Form:
Inline image 4
If you're using student entry mode at an event on-campus, you can hand out the printed event sheets to students while they wait in line. 
You'll still use the Looksharp Recruiter app to collect qualification information about the student and we'll merge the students information and their qualification information after both have been submitted. 
Students that fill out the pre-registration form (either before the event or during) will not receive a follow-up email from Looksharp asking them to provide the rest of their information.


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