Where your leads go

So you've been on campus and added leads left and right. Head back to your desktop and sign into your Looksharp account, and we'll talk about your CRM. You'll automatically be taken to your CRM upon logging in:

To get to this page from anywhere else on the site, just click CANDIDATES at the top of the screen:

Any leads you added on mobile will end up here. Students who haven't filled out their lead update form will only appear as their email address until they fill in their information.

Remember how you set up events? Well, all the candidates you met at that event will have it as their source, so you know exactly who you met where:

You can sort your candidates by where they came from, what their major is, etc. Oh, and all the qualification questions you used to assess candidates on the fly? You can filter by those, too, by expanding the qualifiers filters:

If a particular candidate has applied to any positions you've advertised on Looksharp, those applications will appear next to their source! Pretty cool, right?


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