If you haven't done so already, make sure you're logged in and that you've created some qualification questions and added them to a form.

All set? Great. Head to the Events page and we'll talk about creating new events to advertise where you're going to be (and organize the candidates you meet there). You may want to bookmark this page for future use.

Welcome to your Events homepage! This is where you can manage, add, and delete events.

We're heading for that big orange button in the upper righthand corner.

Here you can create a new event. Once you scroll down, you'll see those forms you added earlier to add Qualification Questions to your event:


Custom follow-up email content. For each event, you'll have the ability to customize some of the content in the email that a student receives after being added as a candidate via Looksharp Recruiter:Inline image 1

You'll notice that you cannot edit some of the copy in the email. This is because the #1 goal for this email is to get the student to click through to the form and give you their name, school, major, grad year, and resume. Thus, please carefully consider the content you put in the email, as we've been carefully testing our messaging in the default email to ensure the maximum number of form completions.

We've also included a handy-dandy preview of what the email will look like when it's sent. 


Events serve two purposes:

1) You can set questions specific to events and use them to qualify candidates you meet on campus.

2) You create an events page on for our student user base so that students know where you're going to be and can get excited to come chat with you. It'll show up on your Company Profile like so:

Once you've set up your events, you can go mobile!


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