2-Step Lead Capture

If you'd rather a student fill out their own information, and you qualify them afterward, you can enable 2-Step Lead Capture.
When a student approaches you on campus, if you have 2-step qualification enabled, you can feel free to hand them the device and ask them to enter their email and answer a few quick questions for you. They will not see any questions you have marked as 'Recruiter Only' when creating the question.
*Note: 2-step mode is enabled by default.
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Once the student answers the questions, they will tap the 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen. They will then be instructed to hand the device back to the recruiter.
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Once the recruiter has the device back in hand, they can tap the button that signifies they are ready to continue. They will then be instructed to complete the lead. They will see all of the information that the student entered as well as any questions that were specified as 'Recruiter Only' (such as assessment or notes questions).
*Note: the lead will not be saved until the recruiter completes their assessment and taps the 'Add Lead' button.
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That's it! Pretty straight-forward.
If you'd like to disable the 2-step mode, you can do so under the 'Account' section in the app. If the 2-step mode is disabled, the app will behave as it used to.
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Another quick tip - you can tell that the 2-step mode is enabled when looking at the 'Add Lead' screen if you see your company name at the top of the screen.
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You can change which questions appear at each stage in the flow by updating the 'Answerable By' setting for any of your qualification questions.
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