If I am an international student can I still apply for internships?

The short answer is yes, many employers on Looksharp accept international students. On every application, we’ll ask you if you’re an international student, and then we’ll check to see if the employer you’re applying to accepts international students. If not, we’ll offer up similar positions at employers who do.

The long answer, however, is that we highly recommend you do research on how to get Visa approval to intern in the US before applying.  While most companies accept international interns (especially larger companies like Microsoft or GE), most want to know that you will be able to come on board without serious Visa issues and that they won't accept you as an intern only to find out that you can't actually come and work at their company.  

To learn about your country's Visa restrictions for interning within the US, we recommend you speak to your university's career or study abroad center, or an employment agency that specializes in working in the US.  We also recommend looking into AISEC, which is a student run non-profit operating in hundreds of countries around the world to help place students into international internships.  Doing this research will help you tremendously when applying for positions!

In your cover letter, especially to mid-size and smaller companies, it helps to note that you already have housing and Visa approval worked out for your trip to the States, removing fears this employer might have and letting them focus on your company fit and skills.

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