Why do some listings take me off the site, while others let me apply directly?

A number of companies, especially larger ones, use an Applicant Tracking System (or, in recruiter terms, an ATS), to manage all their job applicants in one place. These companies also face federal restrictions that say all applicants must apply using the same application process to ensure there is no bias towards any student. For all these reasons, we have no choice but to send you off of Looksharp and over to a company's ATS.

We know that many of these systems aren't always the easiest to use, and that there are few things more painful than having to fill out your same contact and profile information for 10 different companies. We are exploring different ways to make this process better, but for the time being please bear with us! Take some joy in the fact that this hassle probably reduces the number of students who do apply, giving you a better chance of landing any given position. 

On Looksharp, listings marked as "Easy Apply" will never take you offsite.

Also, feel free to read our student resource about how to apply to internships online and not get lost in space!

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