Finding your way around the dashboard

Once you've signed up and logged in, you can easily navigate your new employer dashboard using the navigation bars at the top of the screen:

To post an internship or entry-level job listing, click on the Sourcing link in your top navigation bar. 

Any internships or entry-level jobs you have created will appear in these tables. Create a new internship or entry-level job by clicking on its respective orange button:

It costs $99 to post on Looksharp. Here's the form to create a new listing. You'll note that some of the fields are optional. Fields that might be confusing are marked with little blue Info icons. You can hover over them to get an explanation.

All listings will be saved as a draft first. Once a listing is created (either as a draft or immediately posted), it'll appear on the dashboard, and you can publish it from there!

You can edit, hide, or delete a listing at any time right from here. The listing's status will tell you if it's currently live on the site (accepting applications) or if it's just a draft.

Once you click publish, you'll be asked for your payment information (you'll only have to do this once!)

Once your listing is live, you can start using Candidate Search and see any Applications you receive!

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